Single Mom Shows up at School with Fake Mustache on Dad’s Day So Her Son Does Not Feel Left Out

As a mother dropped her kid off at school, she noticed a lot of activity and asked him if he had missed anything. When she realized what was happening, she went out of her way to make her son’s day special.

In 2016, a routine school drop-off turned into an unexpected morning of pleasure for the Vasquez family. Observing a large number of cars in the school parking lot, a Texas single mother inquired about it with her son.

A 12-year-old boy named Elijah told his mother about the school’s annual “Donuts With Dad” event. Yevette Vasquez could not bear to see her son miss out, so she devised a plan.

Elijah and his mom, Yevette Vasquez who dressed up as a man [left] Elijah and his mother on their way to school [right] | Photo:


“I asked him, ‘How come you didn’t inform me?’ and joked that I could have dressed as a male for him,” Vasquez said. A mother was taken aback when her son’s face lit up at her proposal.

She had 10 minutes to implement the plan before the school day began, according to Elijah. he continued.

“After realizing how enthusiastic he was about it, I decided to go for it.”


Donning a plaid blouse and a baseball cap with a fake mustache, the mother dashed home. As she entered the library where the event was held, she had an unexpected reaction.

She was clapped for by her daddies, and Elijah reveled in the spotlight. His smile could be seen as he ate donuts and interacted with the others. Furthermore, he told his mother that they should upload some pictures from their day to the internet.


As Vasquez stated on her Facebook page: “I know it’s hard to see other fathers with their children, but that’s life. I will do whatever it takes to make that face grin.” Thousands of people cheered when her tweet went viral.

It sparked a discussion about parenting and the importance of being present for your children on the internet. One user commented, “You are the epitome of a good mother.”. “I’m sure he won’t forget that,” said another.

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Vasquez, who has two other sons, hopes to raise boys who, despite not having a father figure in their lives, will one day be good fathers and husbands.

The positive feedback left her feeling inspired and blown away. Vasquez’s sons are undoubtedly fortunate to have a mother as loving and supportive as Vasquez, who is both a mother and a father when they need her.


Parents will go to any length for their children, and they must be resourceful when they are parenting them alone, as Vasquez did. Another parent wanted to make sure his daughter didn’t feel alone on Valentine’s Day.

On Imgur, a father identified as “takopoke” made February 14, 2015, a memorable day for his daughter. The caring father’s gesture moved a nearby couple, and they sent him a message of gratitude.

He cried when strangers called him a “wonderful parent.” He prioritized spending time with his princess, and he was grateful for the support. Single parents frequently have to fill two pairs of shoes, and they are deserving of all the praise they receive.

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