The shape of your nails show you some deep insights into your personality. Check yours

Getting to know someone takes days and weeks, but not if you look closely. Physical aspects of a person’s personality can offer insight into their emotional state as well, and one such aspect is their nails. The shape of your nails can reveal a lot about your character. What do yours reveal about you?

Performing this test is a lot of fun, no matter if it is true or not. As a first step, you will need to determine which category of nails your nails fall under. To do so, refer to the chart below. 

1. Your nails are long and vertical

You’re such a romantic! Your passions and feelings are extremely important to you, and you are not quite as rational as you should be, so you have strong mood swings and quite a temper. Additionally, you have a very strong imagination and are very creative. Your social skills are excellent, as well as your ability to make new friends easily. People around you can have a great deal of influence on you, which can be problematic.

2. Your nails are wide and short

You always tell the truth and are very direct. Also, you are a theorist who thinks a lot. Sadly, the way you interact with people around you is not very diplomatic. It can be uncomfortable. You are a great source of advice due to your intelligence and honest attitude, as everyone knows they will get honest answers from you. Nails with this shape also indicate a very short temper, so maybe work on your patience?

3 & 4. Egg-shaped nails (round)

It is very easy for you to get along with you, since you are such a great friend. You are likely very relaxed and peaceful, and you absolutely detest chaos and stress. While you are very social, you prefer to do things your way and not follow the crowd if you think you have a better way of doing things. Logic is your top priority. The ability to make logical decisions also means that you are a very stable person, rarely influenced by emotions or the environment around you.

5. Square-shaped nails

It’s great having you as a leader! It is known that you are enduring and brave, but you also possess a charming sense of playfulness that you like to show your friends and family. The outside of you may appear quite hard. It takes a while to become familiar with you and gain your trust, but once that has happened, you make sure to always keep your circle of friends and family close.

6 & 7. Triangle-shaped nails

People with triangle-shaped nails tend to be very intelligent. Due to their tendency to be perfectionists, they are also great innovators. Many of them are several steps ahead of the crowd and get things done extremely fast, which makes them excellent for high-level jobs that are highly demanding.

8. Almond-shaped nails

You are very social and friendly to the people around you. Your friends highly appreciate your honesty and loyalty. One of your best skills is your ability to communicate with people and make them comfortable while doing so. This makes you perfect for jobs that require a lot of communication with customers. People also appreciate your politeness. You never seem to be aggressive or angry with anyone.

9. Sword-shaped nails

It indicates a desire to work hard and be ambitious. Your goal is to focus on what is important to you, and then do everything you can to achieve it. Because you work extra hours when needed, you are likely to be very successful in the professional world. You are also a great leader as you inspire others with your work ethic. Despite your desire and willfulness, you have a very stable personality and are considered to be very well-rounded.

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