Photo of an Elderly Lady Standing on the Train While Youngsters Glued to Their Phones Remain Seated Causes Outrage

An elderly lady standing on the train while young people are glued to their phones causes outrage

We all know that not everything we see on social media is true. There are those who actively create fake news to spread hatred, while there are others who misunderstand the situation.

Recently, a photo from Sydney was shared and something similar happened.

A picture was taken of an old woman standing on a train while young people sat with their earphones plugged in and appeared to ignore her. On the train, she was seen hunched over holding onto a pole while people around her sat comfortably.

An image of an elderly woman standing hunched over on a Sydney train as three commuters sit down with headphones in is dividing the internet.

The picture, which appeared on Facebook, has captured the attention of many people who were unimpressed that other travelers, who appeared younger than the standing woman, failed to offer her their seats.

While it is unclear when the photo was taken, it resurfaced on Facebook and Reddit over the weekend.

The commuters were slammed on social media for not giving up their seats to the elderly woman, including one Reddit user who wrote: “Heartless souls.”. Some call them the Millennial generation.

By coming to her aid and showing outrage over the incident, the internet restored faith in humanity.

The young people were criticized for not helping the woman. The photo was posted in the Facebook group Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie with the caption “No respect”. It has since been removed. The Daily Mail reported that it was shared more than 22,000 times and received thousands of comments.

Heartless souls, they are. “Some call them the Millennial generation,” said a Reddit user, where the photo re-emerged, while another added, “They need s.l.a.p.p.i.n.g,” meaning, “They don’t have any respect or manners.”

Many people said they would have offered the seat to the elderly woman. As soon as she got on the train, one of them said, “I would have offered my seat, I’ve done it before for an old lady.”.

Another wrote, ‘They need s.l.a.p.p.i.n.g, the lot of em, clearly they have no respect or manners!’’

Several people said they would have given up their seats for an elderly woman, including a 16-year-old who wrote: ‘I would have offered my seat as soon as she hopped on the train, I’ve done it before.’

One person wrote: ‘I’m 20 and I can’t believe this. No one would have heard if she had asked politely for a seat – all three had earphones in or headphones on! What happened to human connection?’

In the meantime, someone else offered another explanation, stating: “I’m not defending them, but someone may have offered, but the elderly refused, saying, “I’m getting off soon or at the next stop.”

Another suggestion was: “It might be too hard for her to stand up and sit again.”. I hope the kid with the hat offered. The other three are worthless.

After seeing the photo, everyone came to the wrong conclusion.

Despite this, not everyone was convinced that everyone got the story right. Many questioned what happened that day. According to some, people must have offered but she could have refused. The other person said, “It might be too hard for her to sit and stand again.”. I think the kid with the hat offered to help. The other 3 are worthless.”

Sydney Trains said in a statement: ‘Sydney Trains encourages all of its passengers to observe appropriate transport etiquette, including offering up seats to elderly, disabled or pregnant passengers.’

Several comments, however, targeted the person who took the photo.

A writer wrote: “Typical person today.”. They complain on Facebook, but they don’t have the balls to say something in person.

A third said, ‘Why not say something to them instead of taking a picture to get likes?’.

Howard Collins, CEO of Sydney Trains, said pictures can be deceiving. “This is an opportunity … to remind people that in the world of texts and headphones, we should look up and ask, ‘Is there someone who needs your seat?’””” Collins said.

Finally, the woman’s grandson set the record straight.

According to, he explained what happened on Ben Fordham’s 2GB radio show. “My grandmother was getting ready to disembark at the next station,” the man wrote. People are too quick to judge and she was about to get off at the next stop, which is why she was standing.

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