‘May I see Lyla?’: Adorable 5-year-old asks little girl to be his valentine

When you think of 5-year-olds celebrating Valentine’s Day, you probably think of them exchanging cards and candy in class. But not for this adorable little boy.

Instead, he came up with a big gesture all by himself – with a little help from mom, of course. The child put on a suit, grabbed a bouquet of flowers and a colorful stuffed animal, and made his way to Lyla’s house… despite the 14-degree, snowy weather. He still waited patiently outside, like a gentleman.

His mom confirmed he was still nervous despite practicing at home, but his nerves didn’t show at all when Lyla’s dad opened the door, which prompted him to ask, 

“May I see Lyla?” But those nerves soon vanished when his Valentine happily accepted her gifts and gave him a big hug!

Here’s a heartwarming moment.

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