Loving Grandfather Bought A School Bus To Drive His 10 Grandchildren To School Each Day

An Oregon grandfather purchased a small school bus so that he can take his ten grandchildren to school each day.

Doug Hayes, from Gladstone, Oregon, has ten adorable grandchildren. His grandchildren attend a small private school without a bus, so their parents drive them to and from school every day. Five other children are not yet school-age, but will join their siblings in school soon.

The children often talked about how they wished their school had a school bus.

The kids have always said, “Gee whiz, I like our school, but we’d like a bus,” Doug said.

All of his grandchildren live within a 20-minute drive of his house, and their school is two to three miles away.
my, Doug’s wife, asked him one day if he had any major goals he wanted to accomplish. Several weeks later, he told his wife that he would love to be able to spend more time with his grandchildren by driving them to school.

“I would love to take the grandchildren to school in the morning,” he said

.Children all wanted a school bus at their school, so wouldn’t it be fun if he bought them their own bus and picked them up each day? Amy thought it was a lovely idea and encouraged him to make it a reality.

“It’s primarily about spending a few minutes with them every morning,” Doug said.

About a month after considering and looking, they decided to buy a small school bus and surprise their grandchildren with it. They found an excellent short school bus for sale.

There were letter magnets and numbers on the ceiling, and they were able to add seatbelts to all of the seats.

Once the bus was ready, the grandparents drove up to meet their grandchildren, and the children were surprised, excited and happy.

Doug said, “When they saw it, they were just ecstatic.”.

“YOU HAVE A BUS?””” his granddaughter cutely yelled as he pulled up.

“It was a big surprise! All of us were really stunned. I never expected him to buy a bus!” one of his grandchildren said.“It was really fun!” shared another.

On the side of the bus is a sign that reads: “Grandfather Express”

“Well, we just couldn’t let it simply say school bus.

That wouldn’t be right. We called it the Grandfather Express.”

Doug hopes that the school bus will serve as a special memory and remind his grandchildren of how much he loves them.

“I thought maybe there’s a way I can give them a memory that would last all their lives,” he said.

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