Kind Man Gave A Free Ride Home From The E.R. To An Elderly Lady Who Has No Family

Having to go to the emergency room can be a stressful experience, which makes the kindness of the people around all the more meaningful.

Ashley Cherry witnessed a stranger offer to drive home an elderly lady who had no one to pick her up from the hospital’s emergency room.

“I rarely post things on Facebook, but today I just couldn’t help myself,” Ashley explained. “I was in the ER with my husband and an elderly lady was wheeled out to leave. The receptionist told me she had no family or transportation. This AMAZING gentleman who had been waiting with his wife suddenly approached the lady and offered to take her home.”

The kind man did not know the older lady, and he declined her offer to pay him to drive her home.

Despite not knowing her or where she lived, this gentleman volunteered to care for her. The woman offered to pay, but he politely declined. I wheeled her out and put her in his truck as he went to get his truck.”“AAs I watched them drive away, I only thought “there are still good people in this world” and “we have to take care of our elders like this nice man.”

As the man drove the older woman home, his wife waited for him in the emergency room, and Ashley was able to speak with her.

“I did get a little info from his wife. His name is Jeffery and he is a military man here at Fort Campbell, Ky. Not only does he serve our great country, he also serves his community. I just wanted to recognize, respect and thank him. Jeffery, if you see this, please know your deeds are appreciated by your community. Thank you Sir for serving our country. Feel free to like and share.”Being there for someone in need blesses not only the one who receives it, but also the one who gives it.

It also blesses the people around by showing them something beautiful.

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