Three Times a Blessing! A Mother is Lucky to Give Birth to 3 Sets of Twins in 5 Years

The couple conceived six children in just five years. There were three sets of twins. Consecutive twins are extremely rare in a couple, but opportunity knocked on their door more than once.

From Brooklyn, New York, Jolene McKee, 32, and her husband Andrew, 33, are now a family of eight. Nearly six months ago, Aiden and Jaiden, their third twin twins, were born. Jolene claims to have managed the second and third pregnancies without difficulty, despite the fact that she was expecting twins each time.

Paige and Peyton are five-year-old female twins; Abigail and Andrew, three-year-old male and female twins; and Aiden and Jaiden, six-month-old twin boys.

“I never expected to end up with a large family.” I believed I would only have one or two children; however, we have three different combinations: female twins, male-female twins, and now male twins. “Everything came together flawlessly,” Jolene said.

Jolene miscarried three months before she became pregnant with Peyton and Paige.

“I was terrified to go to the doctor for a scan after feeling discomfort following a miscarriage. “I was constantly worried because the doctors were taking so long, and they kept calling someone in.” said Jolene. “They told me that I was expecting twins.” I can’t believe what I’m hearing. That’s wonderful.”

After two years, Jolene learned she was pregnant with twins for the second time. When her suspicion that she was pregnant with twins was confirmed, the couple was shocked.

“We were in awe when we found out we had twins for the third time, and the doctor was equally as surprised as we were,” Jolene said. In 25 years, he had never seen a mother have three sets of twins. All of my pregnancies went smoothly, but being pregnant while working was a completely different experience the second and third times around. However, I had no choice but to endure. After giving birth to Abigail and Andrew, it was difficult having two sets of twins, but twins were all we knew, so each set felt easier. We knew what to do. After falling pregnant for the third time, I knew it couldn’t be another set of twins. I assumed there would only be one child.”

Her hyperactive uterus produces two eggs at a time, which is why she has twins every time she gets pregnant. She is happy with the outcome and accepts it as her fate.

Jolene explained that despite being twins, each child has their own set of friends. My favorite part is watching them grow and mature. It makes me happy.”

Andrew and Jolene admit that raising six children has been difficult and that maintaining a strict routine takes a lot of effort.

“I do at least six loads of laundry every week, so it can be difficult to keep up,” Jolene says.

“However, all the kids are quite close and get along well. I love my family and wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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