Both Left By the Same Man, Ex-Wives Become Besties & Decide to Co-Parent Together

  Due to their unusually close bond, you might call TikToker @jessicamichelle1993 and her bestie @lureewest the real-life Thelma and Louise. Even online, the friends share how they became close after they both got married to the same man. Now that the man is gone, the exes are enjoying co-parenting and living together with their combined eight children

As mom and stepmother, they became close after eight years of co-parenting.

According to a TikTok Jessi shared on December 30, Lureewest has five children and she has three, and five of their children share the same father.

“When you become best friends instead of hating each other,” she said in another video. “Co-parenting is the best.”

Their kids’ dad is no longer around.

In a video from December 22, she explained that they decided to raise their kids together anyway.

Jessi revealed on December 25 that her journey from jilted partner to living with her ex’s ex wasn’t an easy one.

“He walked out on me and our kids almost a year ago and probably thinks I’m miserable,” she wrote in the text of a video.


She wrote, “You roomate with his other ex-wife and kids he also walked out on.”.

“He created a family, but he’s not in it,” she joked.

They have tons of fun and laughs, but they aren’t afraid to discipline and care for each other’s kids.

Jessi explained to me that she met her stepsons at the age of 2, 3, and 4.

In a video she made with them, she explained, “I was their other mom for eight years.”. “I haven’t seen their dad for a year, but I still help raise them with their mom.”. Eight years ago, I claimed them. I’m stuck with them.”

The moms are allowing their half-siblings, some of whom are half-siblings, to be raised together – a precious gift.

In one of Jessi’s videos, a commenter wrote, “Your kids will be forever grateful you made sure they grew up with their siblings.”

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