8 Places You Should Never Keep Your Phone. You’re probably guilty of these

Nowadays, almost no one goes out without a cellphone. According to research, however, there are a lot of places where you shouldn’t keep your phone for extended periods, since it may end up damaging your health or your phone. Here are eight places to avoid:

1. In your pocket

Although keeping your phone in your pocket seems logical, you could be doing more harm than good. According to Lilly Friedman, MD, this is the worst place to keep your cell phone. If a cell phone is turned on, connected to a wireless network, and placed in a pocket, the radiation is two to seven times higher than if it were placed in a purse or holster. Radiation from a cell phone correlates with tumor growth, she adds. Radiation can also affect DNA structure and male fertility. International Agency for Research on C.a.n.c.e.r of the World Health Organization also found that cell phone radiation is carcinogenic to humans. Sitting on your phone can also lead to health problems, such as sciatica and other back issues.

2. Your Bra

Some scientists warn that placing a cell phone inside your bra may increase your risk of developing breast c.a.n.c.e.r, although not all of them agree with this theory.

3. Against Your Skin

While talking on your cell phone, keep it at least 0.5 to 1.5cm away from your face. By touching your face with your phone, you are transferring loads of nasty bacteria and increasing the amount of electromagnetic radiation your skin absorbs.

4. In your bed or under your pillow

For several reasons, sleeping with your cell phone is not a good idea. Keeping your phone under your pillow could build up heat and pose a potential fire hazard, especially if your phone is charging or defective. National Sleep Foundation research shows that LED light from phone screens can disrupt melatonin production and circadian rhythms, affecting sleep quality. There is also the issue of radiation. Cell phones emit the same amount of radiofrequency radiation as microwaves. According to the American C.a.n.c.e.r Society, cell phone use is also linked to cancer and brain t.u.m.o.r.s.

5. On Your Hip

Having your cell phone close to your thigh or hip can weaken your hip bones, especially if carried like this for months or years at a time.

6. Plugged in

When your phone has a full battery, keeping it plugged in can damage the battery itself, according to PCMag. You don’t need to overload your phone with power, but heat buildup, from stacking things on top of it or keeping it under your pillow, makes it hotter and drains the battery — mostly if you use knock-off cables.

7. Close to your face

By holding your phone close to your face, bacteria are transferred to and from your phone, making your skin and phone dirty. According to Allure, this combination leads to acne, skin irritation, and even wrinkles. Try using ear pods instead to keep the surface of your phone at a distance from your face.

8. Anywhere in your bathroom

Cell phones may be the new newspaper, but you shouldn’t use them in the bathroom. The study, published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, found that anything within three feet of a flushing toilet could end up with bacteria or viruses in the air. The presence of bacteria and viruses on surfaces in bathrooms after flushing provided evidence that bacteria and viruses remain airborne long enough to settle on surfaces throughout the bathroom, wrote the study’s authors.


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