Screaming Newborn Stops Crying Instantly As She Hears Dad’s Voice!

Mr. Michael Junior was ecstatic at the prospect of meeting his little princess Portland. Despite Michael’s presence, he was unaware of what occurred in the delivery room. However, he recently discovered some old video footage taken shortly after she was born. Micheal approached his angel and spoke to her, and Baby Portland screamed like a maniac. She immediately stopped weeping. He began shooting again as a nurse tried to put a diaper on her and mummify her. Her tears returned. Michael talked to her once more, his heart full of love. Portland opened her eyes for the first time in her life.

Michael Jr. is a devout Christian and believes that these precious moments convey a powerful message. “So, here’s the deal. There will always be times when we are uncomfortable, maybe even to the point of tears, and when life is simply too much. “In those moments it is important to stay still and listen for the Father’s voice,” he says. “What He wants you to know, I can tell you, is that He loves you.” “All you have to do is open your eyes,” the narrator says.

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