Find The Unlucky Person Who is Going to Have the Safest Accident

Logic puzzles are among the best brain teasers. I find that they make for fun debates with friends and family and really get you thinking. Over the years, I’ve learned that the more puzzles you do, the better you get at solving them. Solving puzzles teaches us how to think about solving problems or provides us with a different perspective on problem-solving.

Having the ability to break down any problem in your life into logical pieces and solve it piece by piece is a trait that many highly successful people share.

Our brains are constantly rewiring themselves to improve their performance, even when we’re fooled by puzzles, riddles, and optical illusions. Almost like fine-tuning an engine or practicing a dance routine. Practice makes perfect.

In this logic puzzle, four men are walking about, and all of them are waving goodbye to one another. Each man, however, is in danger because he is walking into an unknown danger.

Who will have the safest accident in the picture?

Here’s a hint.


Have you figured it out yet? If you think you have found the right person, scroll down to see if your answer is correct.

Okay, here’s the answer.

Are you surprised? The question was which “person” in the image would have the safest accident. The choice is never limited to the four men.

I encourage you to share this puzzle with your friends and family and see if they can solve it.

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