Young Man Defends Girlfriend Old Enough To Be His Grandmother Because 37-Year Age Gap ‘Is Just A Number’

There is an argument that love shouldn’t be defined by physical characteristics, but what about age? Families and friends often criticize couples with large age gaps and force them to defend their relationships. Quran, 24, and Cheryl, 61, are two couples who faced this challenge. The fact that they are 37 years apart in age does not stop them from loving each other.

Quran met Cheryl while working with a family member and was immediately drawn to her. Soon after becoming friends through TikTok, they began dating. They now have thousands of Instagram followers, and videos of them dancing and snuggling have gone viral.

At times, the couple has struggled with so much attention. Despite the fact that she has been open about having an eating disorder, Cheryl has received a lot of negative feedback about her appearance. In Quran, people would call her a zombie or say that he is dating his grandmother. Even with the negatives, the couple remains together since they bring each other happiness.

Cheryl has seven children, none of whom are older than Quran, and only a few are supportive of their relationship, she claims. Quran’s family, on the other hand, has been quite accepting of Cheryl and appreciates their relationship.

Cheryl and Quran have to defend their relationship on a regular basis, but the hostility can’t compare to their love. Find out more about this 37-year-old couple.

Cheryl’s appearance has been the hardest part of making their relationship public. She says it harms her self-esteem when people call her names, and Quran says they will not allow hate to triumph. Cheryl told me, “Looks have nothing to do with it; we were born with our features; how can we change them?” Our hearts are our greatest asset.”

The way this couple feels about each other has nothing to do with their physical appearance or age. Cheryl continued, “We can’t control who we love; age is just a number.”. We don’t care because they’re lying and saying dumb things. If he treats me well and I treat him well, what’s the big deal?”””

Dancing and filming TikTok videos brought these two together, and now they’re using the internet to spread their love and joy. Quran explained, “I’m not doing anything wrong.”. “We dance, we spread good feelings, and I’m not going to let the haters win.”

Quran and Cheryl were featured on the Truly YouTube channel, where they discussed their relationship and the challenges they face. Several people have watched the film and left comments in the comments section. One individual stated, “Strange, but it doesn’t matter as long as they love and respect each other.”

“Many people are unhappy in relationships with people of similar ages.”

Another person said, “I’m so happy for you two!” I watched you on TikTok and the amount of hate she was receiving blew my mind. The people were so rude and inconsiderate!”””

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