Professor Soothes His Student’s Baby While Giving Lecture After The Baby Starts Crying Mid Class

Most lecturers hold pens or laser pointers in their hands, but this professor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem holds a baby in his arm.

Even though it may seem strange, there is a genuinely touching story behind it.

Sydney Engelberg, 67, has taught at the university for 45 years and is a senior lecturer. He teaches graduate courses in organizational behavior.

Despite being a parent himself with four children, the professor allows students to bring their children to class.

During a presentation, a baby of one of his students began to cry. On the other hand, the lecturer continued his lecture, unaffected by the crying.

As the baby continued to cry, the humiliated mother attempted to leave the class.

However, Professor Engelberg intervened and took the infant from his mother to comfort him.

As evidenced by the picture that went viral, the infant has stopped wailing and appears to be very content in the professor’s arms.

The lecturer, according to Sarit Fishbaine, permits moms to bring their children to his class and milk them.

Her daughter commented on Facebook after the incident, “The way he views education is not only acquiring the dry information you need in class, but also learning morals.”

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