So Cute! Little Boy Starts Crying While Holding Baby Sister For First Time.

Some people are born to love and nurture others! Ali Retelle and her husband welcomed a baby girl into the family recently. Her toddler son fell in love with her immediately! Luckily, Ali took a photo of their first meeting.

As seen in the video, the little boy gazes into the face of his new sister as he holds her in his arms. The baby boy began to cry without seeming to notice, silently wiping away the tears with his arm without ever looking away from him. Although his parents tell him he can talk to her, she won’t reply, and he seems delighted to know she can hear him. Older siblings will tell him to enjoy these days before she learns to talk, but that’s not important at the moment.

He clearly has a heart of gold! See why we think he’ll make a great big brother in the video below!

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