Never Let People Kiss Your Baby’s Lips! Here Is Why

Babies are adorable and almost everyone is drawn to them. A little foot, a cute smile, chubby cheeks, it’s hard not to hold them in your arms or kiss them. Kissing is a way to show affection and there seems to be no harm in it. However, if you have a newborn, we strongly recommend against it. You might think that telling everyone not to kiss your baby is crazy, but there is a very good reason for it. Even you or your partner should not do it for the safety of your child.

Why should you not let anyone kiss you?

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Children are susceptible to colds, coughs, flu, chicken pox, etc. because their immune systems are still developing. You might think that a simple cough isn’t a valid reason not to send your child to kindergarten, but you are wrong.

If your child is ill, even a little bit with a simple cold, don’t send them to kindergarten or play dates. Children can easily spread germs between each other, and even adults can get sick together with their children.

The next time you think moms are paranoid for rushing to the hospital with a baby wrapped in a blanket when they catch a simple cold, wait until you read Claire Henderson’s story.

Claire Henderson is a mom from the United Kingdom. She spent five days in the hospital with herpes on the cheeks, lips and chin after kissing her beautiful baby girl Brooke on the mouth. Despite the fact that cold sores can be fatal for newborns under 3 months, Brooke recovered. Eloise Lampton, a Queensland baby, had p.a.s.s.e.d a.w.a.y from it a year before.

Therefore, you should never let anyone kiss your baby on the lips! Even if they appear healthy. If someone has cold sores, tell them to keep their distance.

It begs the question, who in their right mind goes to visit an innocent, healthy, fragile newborn knowing they are ill? During the first 6 weeks, the baby has no immunity to the germs we carry with us on a daily basis. An ordinary cold is a d.e.a.d.l.y disease for the poor being.
It is customary to wait until the baby turns 6 weeks before visiting them in some countries. While this is considered an old wives’ tale, there is a scientific explanation for it.

What you should do

Baby’s first few months are very delicate, so parents must be extra careful around them during that time. People who are ill should avoid them. Even if someone wants to touch or hold them, they must first wash their hands properly. Hand sanitizers are also effective. In the first months, avoid taking your children to crowded places and do not have too many guests over.

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