Twin Sisters,10, Separated at Birth, Meet for The First Time on US Tv Show

Two ten-year-old twin sisters cry tears of joy when they meet for the first time.

Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry embraced fiercely after meeting live on a US TV broadcast.

When Audrey’s mother discovered a photo of them as babies in December, the girls didn’t know each other.

A childhood snapshot shows the two of them posing with their Chinese foster mother.

Audrey’s mother was able to locate her daughter’s twin sister, and the two kids spoke for the first time on FaceTime.

The girls met in person for the first time on Good Morning America earlier this week.

Audrey, who grew up in Wausau, Wisconsin, and Gracie, who lives in Richland, Washington, fell in love.

The two sisters, who wear spectacles, had even planned to dress alike.

Audrey said she felt like she was missing someone before she met her identical sister. ‘It’s now over,’ she said.

Even though Gracie said the event was overwhelming, she felt excited and pleased.

Audrey Doering’s mother wrapped her hands around Gracie’s face and asked, ‘Can I just touch you?’’’’

Audrey asked for a sibling for Christmas this year, for no apparent reason.

In response, her mother searched for a copy of her ‘finding ad,’ which is a photograph that appears in Chinese newspapers when a baby is placed in an orphanage.

She was shocked to discover a photograph of two babies sitting on their Chinese foster mother’s knees.

Later on, the Doerings discovered the second baby in the image was born around the same time as Audrey and had the same congenital heart defect.

The Rainsberrys were informed of the situation by their daughter.

Audrey, who has three older brothers, was initially skeptical of her parents’ claims.

She added, ‘She’s me,’ after talking on FaceTime with Gracie, who has two brothers and a sister.

The twins enjoy both chicken Alfredo and mac ‘n’ cheese.


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