Thoughtful Man On Subway Offers His Phone To Kid After Realizing He Was Staring At It

The best gesture in this world is to be nice to someone. Good deeds go a long way and become a highlight in otherwise dull days. The best way to perform a selfless good deed is without letting on that you are being filmed. In the NYC subway, a man made a boy smile.
 Through a mobile phone, Kia Tatiyana Davis witnessed a beautiful encounter between a man and a little boy.

YouTube, Free Hugs Project

He sat between his mom and a man looking at his phone. Although he was polite and trying not to disturb the man, his curiosity won out as he suspected he was playing a video game on his phone.

YouTube, Free Hugs Project

The little boy looked at the phone from time to time to see what was going on. Initially, the man didn’t notice the boy since he had his earphones on.

YouTube, Free Hugs Project

After the man noticed the boy looking at his phone screen, both of them smiled when their eyes met.

YouTube, Free Hugs Project

The man noticed that the little boy was very enthusiastic about the phone, so he unplugged his earphones and gave the boy the phone. As soon as he took the phone, the little boy began to play.

According to his actions, the man clearly enjoys spending time with children, because he recognized what the boy wanted right away, but we don’t have to work closely with children to have a kind heart.

We can make the world a better place with a simple act of kindness, just like the man in the video. Those who have watched the video are talking about it.

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