Loving Husband Goes Viral for Massaging Pregnant Wife’s Tired Feet in Public

Loving Husband Goes Viral for Massaging Pregnant Wife’s Tired Feet in Public

On social media, a video of a husband massaging his pregnant wife’s feet has gone viral. Netizens were amazed by the couple’s actions.

It is impossible to describe the joy of having a baby and enjoying every moment of pregnancy in words. Nevertheless, there will be difficulties associated with carrying a child for 9 months.

The ankles and other parts of the body swell when one of them feels tired. Because of this, standing up to walking for too long can be difficult for pregnant women. All they need is a little rest or a loving massage from their husband.

In addition to providing moral support, a little attention will make the wife happier.

In the now viral post shared by Facebook page Boiling Waters, the husband and his pregnant wife were not identified, but it was evident that this guy truly loved this tired woman.

As he captioned his video, Boiling Waters wrote, “Spotted: Buntis na napagod, minasahe ni mister! Brad, ito gayahin mo. Serve her if you love her! #WayOfTheWarrior.”

The video was taken on what appears to be the stairs leading to a train station.

The man in this video was squatting on the floor as he massaged his wife’s tired feet.

A netizen shared the sweet moment on social media after capturing it. People were amazed by the husband’s act against his pregnant wife.

Despite some people laughing at this or saying it was ‘nothing special’ and the pregnant woman was just acting out, you should know that pregnant women get easily tired and that standing or walking for long periods of time can seriously affect their legs.

Many women experience leg cramps even if they are just standing up. It is for this reason that pregnant women are always given priority in queues.

Their relationship will remain harmonious until the baby is born, some netizens hope. Meanwhile, many netizens hope to find a husband like him.

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