Single Mom Misses Class for Her Baby—Professor’s Jaw-Dropping Email Response Goes Viral

An email response from a college professor at the University of Tennessee went viral after it was sent to a student who missed class.Morgan King, 21, told her lecturer that she could not attend class because she could not find anyone to watch her 3-month-old daughter Korbyn.Although the baby’s grandparents usually care for her during the day, Morgan was scrambling that morning due to prior commitments. As a result, she had no choice but to stay home with Korbyn and miss her Human Development class.

After missing a quiz and two study videos, Morgan wasn’t sure how her professor would react. Dr. Sally Hunter responded as follows:”I apologize for having to miss class today due to childcare issues.”Following that, she explained what Morgan had missed, how she could access the videos on her own time, and that she was still permitted to submit the day’s homework. Then she persuaded the therapeutic recreation major to do something few teachers would do: bring the infant to class.

If you have trouble finding someone to monitor Korbyn in the future, feel free to bring her to class with you. I’d be happy to hold her so you can focus on the session and take notes.She continued:It would be awful if I refused to allow a child to visit my class if I work in youngster and family studies.””” I’m serious about this offer—just bring Korbyn along!”
Morgan was even told that the quiz she missed would be dropped, and she counted her absence as “excused” as if her gracious offer wasn’t enough to make Morgan cry.
Morgan was so shocked by her professor’s response that she posted a photo of the email to Twitter, where it rapidly went viral.
After concluding her tweet, she wrote, “I’m literally in tears.” “I’m so grateful/blessed.”Morgan told local reporters that the thoughtful gesture gives her chills just thinking about it.”She sincerely cares about my success in her class. It really touched me.”
Morgan claims that Professor Hunter, who doesn’t have a Twitter account, doesn’t believe that she has accomplished anything noteworthy, even knowing that she is “Twitter Famous.”

Dr. H deserves all the accolades! Morgan’s genuine offer to her reflects who she is as a person and educator. Her student needs it to succeed, so it’s unconventional. Does it get any better than that?Source:

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  1. Dr H is the most compassionate teacher I have had the pleasure of hearing about. She is a really special teacher/person and I am sure she will Mentor many many more students under her teaching guidance. We need many many more teachers like her.

  2. What an exceptional teacher and human being! We need more like her!She should recognize d as teacher of the year!