Family With 16 Kids Shares Inspiring Story And Why They Still Want More Kids

A child is a gift from God because they provide a family with so much joy and happiness and make them feel complete. It can be a daunting experience for those who have a large family and need all the help that they can get to care for them. Families with 16 children share their stories today about how God has been with them and sustained them and why they will not stop having children.

Patty and Carlos Hernandez are counting their blessings after struggling to conceive. According to them, God made the decision to have more children. Patty Hernandez, 39, describes raising children as a beautiful experience, despite the fact that it can be challenging at times.

The couple from North Carolina met at church and instantly fell in love. Upon marriage, they knew they wanted children, but they had no idea the Lord would bless them with so many. Pat explained, “We started with one and ended up with 16.” “We didn’t expect there would be so many.”
“I had difficulty getting pregnant for over two years, Patty recalled, recalling the struggles they faced when trying to conceive for two years. “Maybe my body wasn’t quite ready.” Perhaps God was preparing them for a higher calling at that time. In spite of having regular personal encounters and not using birth control, the couple was unable to conceive, and Patty became depressed.

According to Patty, after they waited for a long time, God performed a miracle. She continues, “Then God performed a miracle.”. Every three months, we started getting pregnant. The couple had their first child, Carlos, in 2008, and went on to have 16 children, including three sets of twins. “When I’m pregnant, I’m really excited,” she said. “I usually become pregnant again three months after having a baby.”

They say they have left the decision up to God after having 16 children. Many couples would consider quitting after having 16 children. “We’ve given everything to God,” Patty commented, “so whatever he wants to give us, we’ll be content with.” “We don’t use birth control.” “He just didn’t want to come out,” she recalls of her most recent pregnancy, which was the most difficult. Clayton, her 16th child, didn’t arrive until he was 40 weeks old, which was unusual since the rest of her children were born at 38 weeks.

A mother or father has a lot of responsibilities, and it may be stressful, especially when the children are young, according to Patty. It is a little more stressful and harder with a newborn. She says, “The babies are always crying, and I have to take care of them.” “However, it is a blessing, and we are grateful.” The family who runs a cleaning business lives in a five-bedroom house in Charlotte, complete with a nursery room with five cribs.

Carlos works hard at work and considers it a privilege to be able to provide for his family while Patty looks after the kids at home. As a token of their gratitude, they have named all the children names that begin with the letter C. Since my husband’s name begins with a ‘C,’ and because of Christ,” explains Patty. We chose that letter as a tribute to both of them,” explained Patty.

Carla and Caitlyn (11), Calvin and Catherine (7), and Caleb and Caroline (10) are among the family’s six sons and ten girls (4). Carlos Jr. (13), Christopher (12), Cristian (10), Celeste (9), Cristina (8), Caroll (5), Camilla (3), Charlotte (2), Crystal (1), and Clayton, who is about to turn one, are the other children’s names and ages. Each morning, the family begins with a devotional in which we pray, sing, and read from the Bible together.

“We love the Lord, so we teach them the Bible,” Patty says of how she and Carlos are teaching their children to fear the Lord. “One of the best bonds we all share is wanting them to be decent people,” Patty explained. Youngsters have duties to perform, so she tries to get as much housework done as she can while the older ones are in school. If they are asked if they would like more children in the future, they respond that it is up to the Lord to decide.
Patty remarked, “All of these children are gifts from God.” “I understand some people don’t agree, and there are some ugly comments online, but it’s an incredible blessing for us. We’ll have another child if God wants us to have another.” What an inspiration this story is for individuals who are trying to conceive, as well as those who have a large family and feel judged.


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