9 Million People Have Watched What 3 Teens Did for This Crying Homeless Man at Chick-fil-A

Teenagers have a horrible reputation for being lethargic, attached to their phones, and spending a lot of time in the Sonic parking lot.

Jesus teaches that you shouldn’t look down on anyone because of their age, despite the fact that all of those things are true. Three teenagers, Ryan Cook, Joshua Mechell, and Alberto Montiel, are making a difference in the world.

They saw a homeless man crying and struggling to pay for his food at the Chick-Fil-A they were eating at in Corpus Christi, Texas. As Ryan wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral, “He had a worn Bible on the table with a picture of Jesus and some change he was counting.”

Despite frequenting the eatery, Eddie, the homeless man, never bothers anyone or begs for assistance unless it’s water for his dog, Socks, a restaurant employee said.

Eddie’s heart was broken, so the teenagers went above and beyond to help him.
“On the table was a Bible.” He also had a photograph of Jesus. “We took that as a sign to help him,” Ryan said.

Eddie was instructed to wait while they went to a Dick’s Sporting Goods nearby and bought him a Chick-Fil-A gift card.

Dick’s gave Eddie a jacket, a beanie, three shirts, and a first-aid kit. Dick’s donated some of their display items and contributed $20.

Eddie’s dialogue with his new friends in the viral video, which has now been viewed 9 million times, is so sweet-not to mention Chick-Fil-Christian A’s instrumentals in the background, which add that last touch of Jesus to the scenario.

See the video here!

He sprang out of his chair as quickly as possible. Ryan said, “He was so excited and happy to see something new in his life.” in a later interview.
It wasn’t their intention to share the video on social media at first, but they thought it would inspire people to give back and care for one another. Joshua said, “All we want to do is make the world a better place to live in, and we want to inspire people to take action.”
According to the teens, Eddie has been in touch with them, and they have agreed to bring him a motel and a good meal on Super Bowl Sunday.
Source: faithit.com

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