Restaurant Manager Catches Homeless Woman’s Happy Dance After Job Interview – And Hires Her

The woman got the job and encourages people to be proud of their accomplishments.

Her interview was apprehensive.

Kallayah Jones, 21, has been homeless for two years. She bounced from one place to the next, but she couldn’t save up enough money to get her own place.

In Atlanta, Georgia, she got a job as a waitress at The Spot Sports Bar and Grill.

“I had anxiety attacks and weak parts before my job interview,” she told Today. “Hey, chill out,” my partner said.

Doing a happy dance

During the job interview, Jones was herself. Dakara Spence, the restaurant manager, noted this and was impressed by Jones.

Dakara recalled that she had an incredible amount of energy. When she stepped in, I sensed her optimism.

The interview went well, so she did a little dance in the parking lot.

However, she had no idea that her “happy dance” had been captured on the restaurant’s surveillance camera.

“I was overjoyed. I didn’t realize the cameras had caught me until I went outside.” – KALLAYAH JONES

After watching the video, Dakara Spence, the manager who interviewed Jones, knew she had to hire him.

Spence told Today she saw herself in her, adding that she too had been homeless at one time.

When she came in for the interview, she was wearing a scarf. She said, “I’ve been there.”.

“No one should judge anyone.” – Dakara Spence

Dakara then told her new hire the good news.

“I called her and told her, ‘I’m planning to hire you, so you can keep dancing,’ and she just screamed into the phone.” She told Jones, “I had a lovely time.”

She was asked how to execute her dance and when people should do it after her video went viral.

“Whenever you’re in a good mood.” When you receive a blessing. Whenever you have a great opportunity and something you’ve been working toward for years, months, or whatever you’ve been praying for, dance. She said, “It doesn’t matter what it is.” in another interview.

However, it doesn’t have to be her.

“Go ahead and dance.” Perform the dance. “Are you sure you want to do everything?””””

Despite the fact that we have the resources to end it, Jones’ experience is a reminder that homelessness can strike anyone. In addition, it reminds us to rejoice in every little victory in life, whether it’s a new job, a task completed, or any other pleasure.


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