Single Mom Asks to Bring Sick Baby to Class – Her Professor Gives a Surprising Response

A professor took matters into her own hands – and a child – so her student wouldn’t have to miss a test.

Kate Lewis credits her five-week-old daughter Allie with inspiring her to complete nursing school. She also thanks a professor at the University of Texas at Tyler-Palestine for holding her while Lewis took an exam.

Lewis is a 22-year-old single mother who is enrolled in fourth-level nursing school. With her baby Allie on her hip, Lewis will receive her bachelor’s degree in nursing on May 2.

Lewis completed her hands-on portion of nursing school in just six weeks, allowing her to spend more time with her newborn. Lewis’ pregnancy was complicated by a problem, making her work even more difficult.

During her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with hyperemesis. During both of my examinations, I was running out of the testing room to throw up in a garbage can in the hallway because I was vomiting all day, every day throughout my pregnancy. This was quite difficult. There were times when I was ready to give up my studies. “It was extremely difficult, but Allie provided the motivation I needed to keep going and finish.”
Lewis faced more obstacles when Allie was born, which made obtaining her degree more difficult for her. Fortunately, she had an excellent support system in place. Lewis’ mother often looked after Allie when Lewis was in need, and even Lewis’ professors helped out.

“I had to go back to school fourteen days after Alianna was born to take a test for my leadership class,” she explained. I joked with Dr. George that I was irritated with her since I was leaving my two-week-old baby for the first time. She responded that she would have been delighted to hold her. “Three weeks later, she was able to hold her during the test.

“Her mother, who works as a nurse practitioner from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m., can take Allie. When the timing of her test changed, she attempted to find someone to take her child.
My mom had to work, my dad was out of town, and my primary babysitter had school, so I texted Dr. George a few days before the exam.

I said, ‘Hey, Dr. George.’ Although this is extremely unusual, I am having difficulty finding a sitter for Allie on Monday since it is in the afternoon. In the past, you had offered to hold her through a test… Is it possible for me to bring her with me?’
LEWIS, KATIEDr. George responded quickly.„Ummm, sure, you can bring her. “I am already looking forward to it.””” Dr. George responded with a letter.

Lewis and Dr. George were not prepared for Allie’s health to change on the day of the test. On that particular day, Allie was diagnosed with an ear infection and an upper respiratory illness.“

Dr. George held and rocked my ill and unhappy baby throughout the entire test without hesitation.” Teachers like Dr. George make nursing school accessible to everyone, but notably single mothers. Whenever possible, our teachers at the Palestine Campus will assist us in any way they can to help us reach our goals. I am grateful for the school and all of our wonderful professors, particularly Dr. George.”A witness to Dr. George’s kind deed, Natalie Norman, snapped a picture and shared it on Facebook.

As Norman told Good Morning America, “She has always urged us not to skip a test and to call if we get in trouble.” “Not only was she fine with it, but she was overjoyed to hold the child for an hour.

“Lewis’ quest for a degree would have been much more difficult if she didn’t have the support of others. Dr. George reminds us that we don’t have to do it all alone. When you have the opportunity to help someone in need, be like Dr. George.


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