Help this Worried Wife Find Her Missing Husband — Most Get This One Wrong

Vintage drawings are some of my favorite image puzzles. Their haunting style makes puzzles a little more challenging. Thousands upon thousands of puzzle takers have attempted to solve this one. Almost everyone gets it wrong.

The puzzle creator used a dirty trick to make this puzzle seem easier to solve than it actually is.

The image below shows what appears to be a farmer’s wife searching for her husband with a family cow.

What she doesn’t realize is that he’s much closer than she thinks.

Find him if you can.

OK, if you think you’ve solved the mystery, scroll down to see if you’re right.

Please scroll down.

Where Is Her Husband?

I’m afraid you are incorrect if you guessed her husband’s face from the cow’s mane. Please do not worry. Many people will select this answer, and it was likely chosen on purpose to mislead you.

Take a closer look at the cow’s body, and you will see her husband.

Thank you for playing. Could you please pass this puzzle along to your friends and family?

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