Little Girl Builds ‘Birthday Boxes” for Fellow Classmates Who Can’t Afford Celebrations

It is one of the most anticipated days of the year when children celebrate becoming one year older. Children are able to celebrate their birthdays with friends and family while receiving lots of gifts, eating their favorite foods, and having a blast!

Sadly, not every child’s parents can afford to give them the birthday they deserve, so a 7-year-old girl decided it was time to start changing that.

Like most kids, Bella Smith looks forward to her birthdays, but not because of the gifts she receives, but rather because of the opportunity to give to others!

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At Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky, Bella, a third grade student, was once told by a classmate that his family couldn’t afford to throw him a birthday party. Bella attends a school where 80 percent of students live below the poverty line. As she learned that some of her classmates were unable to celebrate their birthdays because of their family’s financial situation. At that point, she decided to step in and help.

Marlana Evans, Bella’s mother and a teacher at Bella’s school, told Good Morning America:

“The school she attends is a Title 1 school, which means 80% of the population here is impoverished — so we have students that struggle with a lot of things.” she adds, “She’s always had a heart for people and always been extremely kind and helpful toward other people.”

Bella was devastated by the thought that one of her classmates would not be able to celebrate their birthday. She explained:

“I just kind of felt down, kind of. I went from happy just to kind of miserable.”

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She then launched “Bella’s Birthday Boxes” in response to the situation.

According to Bella:

 “Not all people have as much as I do. I want to share a little bit of my birthday with them.”

Instead of receiving gifts, she asks for contributions and supplies to help build her special birthday boxes. She then distributes these boxes to students in her school through the Family Resource Center. Bella and her mother would pack boxes containing icing, cake mix, sprinkles, candles, balloons, and other goodies like party hats.

Bella has already shared her blessings with many children, but she refuses to accept credit for her good deeds. According to Bella:

 “I thank God for giving me this opportunity to show my love for my neighbor and shine my light.”

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Bella’s mom is, of course, extremely proud of her daughter. According to Evans:

“She’s a very good girl with a big heart.”

In one year, Bella packed over 65 boxes. Consequently, Bella’s efforts will make 65 children’s birthdays a lot happier. The little girl told :

“It doesn’t matter if it’s here in London or Alaska, it doesn’t matter and you can help whether when you’re 2, 4, 8, or 102.”

Bella’s heartwarming story was picked up by local and national news outlets. When Pillsbury learned of her good works, they offered to donate some cake mixes to include in her birthday boxes. General Mills and Betty Crocker also sent donations.

According to Evans:

“We are currently in talks with a couple of groups who are going to attempt to help us bump up donations and pack lots more boxes. Our hope is to expand out to several more schools, and possibly the local nursing home.”

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Bella’s Birthday Boxes distributed more than 300 special celebration boxes to needy children in 2020.

Below you can watch a video about this heartwarming

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