A Stranger On An Airplane Gave Her $100 Years Ago And Changed Her Life. Now She’s Trying To Find The Mystery Woman To Thank Her

One act of kindness can change the lives of many people. Some of us find life difficult, especially those who were not born with the financial resources to help them succeed. The story today is about a woman who had fallen on hard times. Originally from Yugoslavia, she arrived in America with her older sister in 1999. A stranger gave them a blessing, and they sought out this individual to express their gratitude.

Ayda Zugay and her sister Vanja kept this luggage packed at all times in case they had to leave quickly, as they had become accustomed to as refugees. Their Boston apartment was bare and devoid of personal belongings. She has been saving the envelope that changed their lives for a long time.

Ayda Zugay and her older sister fled Yugoslavia when she was 12 years old. On their backs they carried only their clothes and a small bag with a few essentials. It was 1999, and they were traveling to the United States. Before they began their drop, a woman approached them, and they sat together with the whole light. No one recognized her, and she refused to reveal her identity. They were handed an envelope and told to keep it sealed until they arrived. Tracy’s first name was written on the front of the letter, which was opened by Ayda’s older sister. Upon opening the package, they found a beautiful pair of earrings and a $100 bill.

The $100 cash they received when they first arrived allowed them to survive for a whole summer. They could buy food, which changed their lives. Ayda and her sister were determined to track down this woman named Tracy, whose last name they did not recognize and where she lived. Their search continues to this day.

Ayda recently released videos on Twitter explaining why she wants to find Tracy. At one point in the video, she says:

“I wish to express my gratitude to Tracy for her generosity, kindness, empathy, and embracing of my sister, and I hope you can help me in doing so.” Have you ever heard of a story like this from a family member, a friend, or anyone else?”

Ayda, who has told this story countless times before, knows it well. Vanja spoke with the woman despite the fact that the woman did not speak English at the time. She described what she remembered and how she envisioned herself present in the video. Her words:

Tracy would be a middle-aged or older woman who excels at tennis and has already traveled for it by this point. She would have traveled from Paris to Amsterdam, where we met on that flight, and stayed at a Holiday Inn and played tennis. She would have flown from Amsterdam to Minnesota on May 31, 1999.

The internet makes it easy to spread information, which is one of the many things we can praise it for. Tracy told her friends the story, so they were familiar with it. They contacted her about the video. She is 70 years old, and her full name is Tracy Peck.

Source: tiffytaffy.com

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