Irish Woman Who Won $145M Lottery Has Given Over Half: ‘I’m Addicted to Helping People’

She overdosed on her obsession after winning $145 million (£115 million) in the lotto.

Frances Connelly and her husband “Patty” Patrick, who purchased the winning lottery ticket, have already distributed £60 million.

“Helping others makes you feel good. Connelly, 55, said, “I’m addicted to it now.”

Since he was a child, Connelly has helped others. As a child, she volunteered with St. John’s Ambulance, and as a student in Belfast, she organized an AIDS helpline. She founded various community organizations that support refugees and provide tablets to elders so they can video communicate with their families.

Having won the EuroMillions 2019 jackpot, she had so many ideas for how to help others that she immediately started two professional organizations with the money.

“Patty told me to write my list when we sat down with our cup of tea,” explained Connelly. Although she has already depleted her allotment for 2032, she claims most of the major money ideas have been distributed, and she has a “yearly charity budget” from her husband, who continues to work for his plastics company.

While she was not overwhelmed, she remembered all the conversations she’d had over the years about what she’d do if she won the lotto; the hierarchy of assisting was well established.

As a special treat, they bought a mansion in Durham with six bedrooms and seven acres of land.

“I don’t have to deal with all that money because we’ve only had it a short time,” she explains, adding that most of it has already been divided among her large family, donated to charity, or put in a safe place.

She told the BBC, who also reported on her winnings: “If I had any winning advice, I’d say that money allows you to be the person you want to be.” “If you’re stupid before you acquire it, you’ll be foolish afterward.”


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