7 Warning Signs That You Should Run Away From Your Relationship

You Should Run Away From Your Relationship If You See These 7 Warning Signs

An abusive partner and a potentially abusive relationship can be recognized by certain warning signs. These include:


As an individual with your own life, you can make your own best decisions. When your partner tries to control your life and make decisions for you, this is a warning sign. It can involve asking permission before going anywhere, checking your call logs, and frequent interrogation.

Verbal abuse

It is a sign that you need to move on if your partner speaks disrespectfully to you. Derogatory names, rudeness, vulgarity, and yelling are some signs.

Your partner is overly possessive

When a partner becomes excessively possessive towards you, it is a sign of abusive behavior. This could indicate that you are in an abusive relationship if they constantly call to control you, visit you unexpectedly frequently, or spy on you.


When your partner tries to isolate you by cutting you off from family and friends, this is another sign of abuse. All you want to do is talk to them and they expect to be the only thing on your mind all the time. For example, they may control your car, money, and phone to know what you are doing.

Refusing to accept responsibility, blaming others

Another sign of an abusive partner is when they blame others for their mistakes, this can be your boss, family members, or friends, in addition to you. During an argument between you two, you may blame yourself. However, you cannot shirk responsibility and blame others.

Try to have dominating $ex

While having s.e.x, some partners, especially males, try to use force and extra power. These partners may force you to perform sexual acts against your will. They might find this playful or stimulating, but it can physically hurt you. It can also lead to violence.

If you are experiencing any of these signs please talk to someone you can trust, there are domestic violence hotlines everywhere, people are trained to help you. Always know that you deserve love and respect, feel free to walk away from anything, or anyone, that does not provide that.

Make Him Fear

It’s not a sign of a healthy relationship if you don’t feel safe and secure when you’re with your partner, but instead sometimes feel scared. Potentially abusive partners scare you by threatening to leave the relationship, to hurt you, or to hurt themselves. Often, they are able to tell you how dangerous they are and may go to some lengths when it comes to their obsessions.


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