107-year-old Woman Celebrated Her Birthday With 107 Roses

How do you celebrate your birthday? Perhaps you will enjoy a special meal, throw a party, or receive a gift or some lovely flowers from your significant other. Unlike one centenarian woman, you are unlikely to have received a gift. Elestine Lawson celebrated her birthday on October 28, 2020. Yes, a florist in her community in Westerville, Ohio surprised this 107-year-old woman with 107 roses for her special birthday.

Lacey Crisp mentioned the things Elestine says helped her survive all these years in a Facebook post.

After seeing the message, many individuals congratulated Elestine. Rox Wold wrote, “107 roses.” They are beautiful, just like you…”

This 107-year-old woman was with her family when the Columbia-based florist Battiste LaFleur Galleria brought the gift of 107 roses to match her age.

As she saw the roses that were specially selected for her, Elestine exclaimed, “They’re beautiful.”.

Elestine did not know who behind this remarkable gesture at the time, but she learned later that it was sent to her by church members. She attributes her long life to her faith and love, which is no surprise.

When asked how others might live as long as her, she replied, “Praise the Lord.”

Perhaps you are wondering if this centenarian lived to 108. According to her obituary, she “went home to be with the Lord” over four months later, on February 10, 2021. She died peacefully at home surrounded by her family.

Elestine Evelyn Lawson’s obituary tells the story of her life and how she came to be the 107-year-old woman who has been widely reported on around the world. Born in 1913 in the Georgia town of Macon, she moved to Columbus at the age of ten. Elestine Lawson married Isiah Lawson, and they had one son, Nathan Lawson, who died before her. She had four grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren! She had many lifetime friends whom she considered family.

Having been a member of Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio, for 97 years, this 107-year-old woman was devoted to her faith! Elestine enjoyed spending time with her family, reminiscing about her childhood in Georgia, and traveling.

According to her family, her legacy was to honor God, respect your elders, and live life to the fullest.

While Elestine’s age is exceptional, she did not set a new record. 115-year-old Thelma Sutcliffe of Omaha, Nebraska celebrated her birthday on October 1, 2021. She is currently the oldest living American.

Pete Festersen, a City Council member, sent a birthday greeting to this centenarian.

Thelma enjoyed a large birthday party with her local TV station when she turned 109, but she wanted a private celebration when she turned 115.

Centenarians are of interest to gerontologists, regardless of how far they live past 100. Researchers study the characteristics of these people to determine why they live so long. Elestine seems to be on to something when she says that faith and love helped her live longer. Thomas Theodore Samaras states that family ties, a positive attitude toward life, and the avoidance of worry are important factors.

According to statista.com, the number of centenarians is expected to increase. In 2016, there were 82 living centenarians; in 2060, it is predicted that there will be 589 people living to be 100 or older. In 2020, there will be 93 of them, including my grandmother, Betty Sausto. ‘Guc’ (as we called her) will turn 100 on May 29, 2020. Our family had planned to meet up in Sarasota, Florida to celebrate her 100th birthday, but we had to cancel due to the COVID-19 epidemic. She died at the age of nearly 101.

Here’s to “Guc” and all the centenarians out there, past and present: praise the Lord!

Source: faithit.com

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