Restaurant Owner Bans Customers Who ‘Disrespected’ Waitress And Gives $1,200 Bill They Paid To Her

A chef barred a group of wealthy guests from returning to his restaurant after disrespecting and harassing one of his employees.

Lee Skeet, the owner of the Cora restaurant in Cardiff, Wales, released screenshots of the email he sent to the unhappy customers.

‘I’m not looking for clout or likes,’ he wrote in his post, which has received 14.3K retweets and 132.3K likes. I believe we should start chastising wealthy people who treat others like scum.”

According to Lee, scribbling out the addressee’s name in the letter, the diner and his friends had racked up “the highest bill we’ve ever had at one table.”

Lee learned that Lily, the employee who served them, had a different story.

“Unfortunately, I learned during the evening that your party was improperly behaving towards Lilly, who runs the front of house,” the chef explained.

Lilly, 22, told him she was “talked down to, disrespected, and touched inappropriately” by the group.

He continued, “I’ve spent the last hour having talks with her that crush my heart, make me feel like a terrible father, and make me feel like a s**t boss.”.

Lee asked for the diner’s bank details so he could refund their entire £1,000 bill, minus the £100 Lee argued they should have tipped Lily since they had left her nothing at all.

Lee Skeet's email to the rude customer

Lee also asked that they never return to the eatery.

“Lily means a lot more to me than money.” “I also believe you should evaluate the people you associate with.”

Many Twitter users praised Lee for being a good employer, while others suggested he should not repay the money.

After some consideration, Lee felt they had a point. Next, he tweeted that he “reacted too hastily and emotionally.” He then decided not to refund the customer’s money and instead transfer it to Lily.

Lee tweeted a picture of a £1,000 bank transfer to Lily, whose full name is Elisabeth Griffin.

Lee Skeet's email to the rude customer

He has worked with Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing, and Tom Aikens, among others. His debut restaurant, Cora, opened in January.

In February, he raised £30,862 on Kickstarter to buy a professional kitchen. Lee has cooked for diners using household appliances including a “little oven held together with duct tape.”

A very small front of house team consists of Lily, my 21-year-old assistant who runs the show, myself when I can serve, and occasionally my incredibly supportive partner Hannah when she is not working full time.””” he wrote on the Kickstarter page.

You might remember hearing about Lee in the news a few years ago. 2017 saw him nearly killed in a hit-and-run accident involving a crane truck.

“I could almost touch the lorry by the time I spotted it approaching,” he told Wales Online. “All I did was push my son as hard as I could.” Fortunately, he was on wheels when the vehicle hit me. I was wiped out and turned into a wall.”

The driver fled, but was later apprehended and pleaded guilty. Due to the offense, he lost his driver’s license.

Lee’s son Jackson suffered minor injuries, but Lee’s leg was completely crushed. After undergoing rehabilitation, Lee was able to walk again.

Lee is a wonderful and caring boss! His workplace is extremely lucky to have him.


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