Dad And Daughter Re-created His Graduation Photo From 18 Years Ago—And The Result Is So Sweet

In May 2018, Tori Roach graduated from high school. On Twitter, she displayed side-by-side photos of her accomplishments.

The portrait on the left shows her as a baby in the arms of her father, Dennis, on the day of his high school graduation 18 years earlier.

As an 18-year-old graduating senior, she is in her father’s arms again on the right.

The touching tribute went viral and was retweeted thousands of times.

As graduation season is in full swing across the country, the tweet is making the rounds again a year later.

Here’s what you need to know.

Roach added, “18 years later,” with a graduation cap and emoji. Adorable!

Twitter users praised their father-daughter relationship.

“This is fantastic. Congratulations” user @FarhanIjaz87 wrote:

This is simply great. Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉🎊

— Farhan Ijaz (@FarhanIjaz87) May 28, 2018

“This is beautiful,” agreed @nnwigene:

18 years ago, others recognized Dennis’s attractiveness, and they still do today.

@sidluvscats, a Twitter user, even inquired if Roach was looking for a stepmother:

Roach, on the other hand, crushed the inquirer’s hopes by telling her that her father is married:

“For those who are curious, yes, he is my father, he is 37, and no, he is not single… “I will have another sibling soon.”

When Roach learned how much attention her tweet had received, she was stunned.

“I woke up to a flurry of notifications… People began sharing, liking, and commenting all over again,” she told People of her second bout of viral popularity.

She continued, “My father was ecstatic.” “Being from a tiny town, nothing like this happens very often.” “That’s really cool!” he exclaimed.

The Roaches are from Huntsville, Texas, and both father and daughter graduated from Huntsville High School.

Now that Tori attends Sam Houston State University in their hometown, she hopes to recreate the epic photo with her father when she graduates in 2022.

What a great idea!


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