Stranger Spots Proud Little Girl Taking Photos Of Her Dad At Graduation And Bursts Into Tears

During a graduation ceremony, a woman snapped a touching photo of a father and his young daughter. The picture is absolutely gorgeous!

Graduating college students are often accompanied by family and friends. At a recent graduation ceremony at UCLA, however, a guy was joined by only his small daughter.

Elena posted a picture of her father and daughter on Twitter, and the picture quickly went viral.

The photos show a young girl taking pictures of her father, who is holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing a graduation hat while dressed properly.

Elena said online, “I was crying because she was so proud of him.”

His father earned a law degree from UCLA. Using his phone, Elena was able to capture a photograph of the two of them together. What a special moment for this father and daughter!

Graduations are big occasions in our lives, and whether we have a large group of people celebrating with us or one particular person, it is wonderful to know that your accomplishment has made your loved ones happy. You did a great job, dad, finishing your law degree while raising your daughter!


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