Texas Couple Who Shared a 62-Year-Long Marriage Die 90 Minutes Apart While Holding Hands

“Till Death Do Us Part” is just a movie phrase. In reality, things don’t work that way, and nobody dies for someone else. Despite this, a couple from Texas proved this form of love does exist in real life as well as in books and movies.

Tom and Delma Ledbetter, a Florida-based married couple who had spent the last 62 years together, died 90 minutes apart. Doctors say they were holding hands as they died.

“It was exactly how they intended for things to turn out. Donetta Nichols, their daughter, said it could not have gone better. Tom was 84 years old and Delma was 82 years old when they died. Both died in Texas on April 21.

Their mutual friends introduced them when they were in their early twenties, according to Nichols, one of their two daughters. Their first date was hardly a date, and it occurred one day while Tom was moving his car.”

“They went around two, three different blocks or something,” Nichols remembers her dad telling her, “and when they came back and parked, he leaned across and grabbed her hand and said, ‘I don’t know what I was thinking.'” “I just reached over and kissed her on the cheek,” he related.

“And that was how their relationship began. They got married three weeks after their first date,””” she said with a smile.

Once Tom retired, he and Delma traveled around the United States, camping at various locations during their golden years.

We sought the advice of several experts when my mother became ill last month, but her condition did not improve.”

The doctors were unable to obtain a pulse. Blood pressure measurements could not be taken. Nothing was obtained. Nichols, on the other hand, was clinging to something,” she cried. “That something had to be her husband, my father,” says the narrator.

He became ill a few days after mama, so we took him to the nursing home with her. “They’d moved their small beds close together, and she was lying in front of him. Daddy took her hand in his and he simply lay there with her, and it was wonderful.”

On April 21, they passed away. As tears streamed down her face, she continued.

“They have been together for 62 years on this planet, and they will continue to share their love in Heaven.”

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