Little Girl’s Prayer To ‘Papa Jesus’ Is Answered After Military Dad Comes Home On Her Birthday

Her prayers were answered when a little girl received the sweetest birthday present ever, her father.


The video shows a little girl looking forward to seeing her military father and celebrating her birthday with him.

Aubrey first received a parcel from Daddy Eric on her birthday. The card stated that it was from him.

Her father had prepared a wonderful birthday gift for her. It’s Aubrey’s first time opening an enormous package, so she carefully tears open the paper. Inside the box was a modest gift, along with a message that read, “Happy birthday, I love you.”

However, the little girl is still unsatisfied, and when her mother asks, “What do you want for your birthday?” she looks away. “Daddy,” she replies.

Her mother asks her again, “What do you want as a gift?”””” she turns away from the box and looks crushed. “Do you want daddy as a gift?”””” he added.

Then she instructs her to close her eyes and utter her daddy’s name, begging Papa Jesus to bring her papa as a birthday gift.

She is encouraged by another woman, who was filming the scene, to close her eyes and ask God to send her father.

In earnest prayer to God, the small girl says, “Papa Jesus, I want my daddy to come here and I love him.”. He is the best father I have ever known.”.

Aubrey’s father is currently serving in the Middle East, and he returned home in time for her birthday celebrations.

She is praying when her father approaches her from behind and stands just behind her. She turns around and hugs her mother and sees her father when she is instructed to hug her mother.

As Aubrey’s father wipes away her tears, the two of them reunite after a long separation.

Despite all the hate on social media, this is a nice video to watch. Military videos capture people’s feelings so well.


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