My Friend Thinks Finding the Odd Duck in Under 20 Seconds Is Impossible

It’s kind of crazy how our eyes work. Our eyes function like cameras, capturing everything as it is in our minds. Like cameras, however, the truth is far more complex. Electric signals from the eyes travel to our visual cortex, located between our eyes and brain, which then relays the signal to various parts of the brain, where it’s processed in pieces and assembled within nanoseconds.

It’s funny how true it is that “don’t believe your lying eyes.” Because, yes. Our eyes can tell us things we shouldn’t necessarily believe. There are times when we see things that aren’t what they seem.

This hidden-object puzzle is a great example. You have to find the odd duck. But here’s the catch. 

There are only 20 seconds left (please start a timer). This puzzle is a one-shot deal. Once you find it, it’s game over.

Find the odd duck if you’re ready.

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