Young Boy Begs For The Chance To Be Adopted

Almost all of us grew up with parents who cared for us. We knew that at the end of the day, even if things didn’t go as planned, we would have a place to lay her head.

The situation isn’t the same for all children. Texas-born Tim is one of them. He is 13 years old and grew up in foster care for the majority of his life. Tim is most desperate to be adopted.

Tim was only 13 years old when he entered foster care. Now that he is old enough, he reached out to the local news and got featured. His caseworker is doing what he can to help him find a family who will take care of him. People from other areas were even flown in to try to adopt him.

Tim is currently living in a residential treatment center for foster children. He has lived in various foster homes over the years, but his living arrangement was never permanent. When he is adopted, he will not cause any problems for the family.

Tim’s younger self was also shown in the program. He was in foster care when he was only three years old. He was also bright-eyed when he was seven. Tim is tired these days because he moved from one place to another constantly.

“It’s kind of like being in a prison without walls,” he explains. If you run, where are you going to go? Back to where you came from.

Tim is looking for more than just a special someone in his life. His dream is to have a mother and father who he can call his own and a family he can call his own. “Someone that cares, who’s always worried” is how he describes it. She’ll still ask how my day is every time I walk in the door. She may seem embarrassed sometimes (by her concern), but she’ll still wonder if I’m OK.

Furthermore, he would like a father who would play ball with him and be his personal hero. Playing by yourself gets boring for him, and he says you can learn from them too.

Tim will have to wait to see whether he was able to find a family at this point in his life. As a result, he will be able to grow up and have some stability, long after he has aged out of the foster care system.

Source: KHOU

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