Dad, Son, And Daughter Graduate Together: “We Started Strong, And We Finish Strong”

A father and his two children have graduated from a Mississippi State University branch together. 153 MSU-Meridian graduates received master’s degrees in education on Thursday, including Commondre Cole, his son Ja’Coby Cole, and his daughter Iesha Gully.

Mary, Commondre’s mother, posted a video of her son and grandchildren earning degrees on Facebook. “Everything is mine! Congratulations!””” it read. “This is a significant achievement for our family,” said Gully, who teaches at Northeast Elementary in the Lauderdale County School District.

“Keep moving forward, leading by example and showing my younger siblings and family that we can do it. “WTOK-TV reported that we started strong and finished strong. Ja’Coby, who teaches at Oakland Heights Elementary in the Meridian Public School District, said he had never imagined he would be teaching so soon.

“I knew I’d need a back-up plan, so I looked at my mother’s, father’s, and sister’s footsteps. I figured it’d be best to follow in their footsteps since they’re all teachers, he said. Jessica Gully-Cole, a teacher at Northwest Middle School, convinced Commondre Cole to return to school with their children. “We accomplished this, and we’re all walking together now.”

Like Cole’s family, a family and daughter combination from Portsmouth, Virginia, graduated together. Former Marine and Army veteran Marvin Fletcher was surprised to learn that both he and his 17-year-old daughter SaNayah Hill were graduating from Tidewater Community College at the same time.

Fletcher expressed his pride in his daughter for completing her professional studies in emergency medical services as a dual-enrollment student even before she finished her junior year at Deep Creek High School. Yahoo! News reports the father recently earned an associate’s degree in applied science in management.

I have been humbled and honored by serving. She added, “I admire my daughter’s desire to contribute to medicine in her own unique way. “Fletcher, who served in the Marine Corps for four years and the Army for eight, added, “I had no idea what to say about it because it was so unusual. Nevertheless, it was fascinating, and I was very enthusiastic about the whole thing “Hill described the strange circumstance.”.

Both the father and daughter attended the graduation march at the Chartway Arena in Norfolk on Monday, May 9.


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