Grandpa gets down on one knee to ask his wife of 72 years the sweetest question

Oh my lord, this is just the sweetest thing ever. 😍

What is the duration of true love?

It is possible for people to have their own answers, but none of them is valid until we arrive at the truth. When we see people break up, we can sometimes be discouraged, but we can also be inspired by those who have endured.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that even couples who have been together for a long time are still sweet and sappy for each other. But there are some couples who will find a way to make each other’s hearts flutter even after 72 years of marriage.

@dudfam, a TikTok user, shared a heartwarming video of her grandparents, Faye and Kenneth Babin.

In the minute-and-a-half video, his grandfather shuffled toward her grandmother, who was already in a wheelchair. The years have definitely changed them, but their love remains the same.

“Baby!“Baby!“Baby! !” her grandfather exclaimed, making her grandmother nervous. She watched the older man make his way toward her, not expecting the surprise that awaited her.

Old and shaky, her grandfather knelt down on one knee.

“Will you be my Valentine?” the older man asked his wife as he offered a bar of chocolate and a card. Even though he was old, he never lost the ability to make sweet gestures. Men should learn from him!

In a heartwarming response, their grandmother simply said, “I have always been your Valentine.” and gave him a big hug.

She then set aside the bar of chocolates so she could read what he wrote on the card.

She read the card, “My wife, my friend, my Valentine,” “You are my only Valentine.”. I am happy every day because of you.”

This couple just proved that no matter how long or difficult it gets, you can make your love work if you stay committed to each other.

TikTok users loved the way the couple showed their love.

“I wish I could see them when they were in love at their early age. If he was able to kneel down at that age, it must have been enormous.” said one user.

Someone else commented, “Those who get to experience this kind of love in their lifetime are so blessed.”.


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TikTok user @dudfam’s account is also filled with snippets of the couple’s life.

One video shows their grandfather walking over to their grandmother who was sitting by the couch. They hugged and kissed as if it were something they did every day.

Their grandchildren showed them how TikTok users responded to their videos in another video.

Though the couple had a hard time understanding the attention, for them, it’s just about being themselves – sweet and loving over the years.


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They have been together for nearly 100 years.

Check out @dudfam on TikTok for more snippets of their lives.

For those of you who still have both grandparents, why don’t you ask them about their love story. Who knows, you might find your true love.

Watch how this old man melted hearts by asking his wife to be his Valentine.

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