Little Boy Is In Tears When Classmates Refuse To Sign His Yearbook

We all have something in common when we look back on our school years. It’s the fact that many of us were bullied during that time.

There are many children who have been relentlessly bullied during their younger years, although in some cases it may have been a temporary issue. The effects can last a lifetime.

In the following story, a sixth-grade student experienced something similar. Nobody in his class signed his yearbook and it really broke his heart. When he showed his mother the yearbook, he only had signatures from teachers and a few students.

Brody Ridder, 12, is described by his mother, Cassandra, as being smart, funny, and cheerful. She picked him up from school, but he was quiet and only wanted to listen to music. Something wasn’t right.

In addition, Cassidy received an email from the school informing her that the students would be bringing home yearbooks. When she asked him about his yearbook and how many signatures he got, he broke down in tears.

“He said he asked the kids in his class to sign his yearbook, but some flat-out refused,” she said. Some of his classmates wrote down their names, but there were no messages. There was nothing about how smart, funny and awesome he is.”

Upon looking at his yearbook, she saw that only a few of his teachers had signed it. Brody had also written to himself: “Hope you make some more friends – Brody Ridder.”

His mother believes that his unique interests prevent him from making friends with other kids. He comes home crying almost every day because he’s been bullied for a long time.

He switched schools in hopes that it would help, but the teasing continued. Despite bringing it to the school’s administrators, it did not help much.

Children have pushed him and called him names, said Cassandra. “Brody has been through so much.”

She then went to her parents’ Facebook page in the hope of getting some help. She displayed a picture of his almost empty yearbook and discussed the problem. She asked if the other children would be kind.

I feel so bad for my poor son. Things don’t seem to be improving. Two teachers and two students wrote in his yearbook. Despite Brody asking all kinds of kids to sign it,” she wrote on Facebook. “So Brody took it upon himself to write to himself. 

My heart is broken. Teach your children kindness.”

The next day, her son sent her a message while he was at school. The text contained a picture of his yearbook filled with signatures! His classmates as well as older children were sending him messages.

Some of those messages said:

“Hey dude, you’re awesome. Keep it up.”
“Brody, you are the sweetest little kid. I love you so much. Do not listen to the kids who tell you otherwise.”
“Brody, I hope you have a wonderful summer.” You are valuable and worth the effort!”””
“Hey buddy, never change, never put your head down.”

After a few older children signed his yearbook, many of the children in his class signed it as well. He ended up telling his mother that he was having the best day ever.

Now that Brody is smiling from ear to ear, he is looking forward to seventh grade, saying that it will be a new beginning.

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