Lonely 90-year-old Lady Leaves A Touching Note On Neighbor’s Door Asking For Company

Elderly people living alone is far too common. As their children start their own families and relocate, many elderly people are left alone and without support.

Wanda, a 90-year-old woman from San Francisco, California, has been aching for company for a very long time. When she decided to act, she mustered the courage to write a touching note on one of her neighbors’ front doors.

After reading the handwritten note, Marleen Brooks was “heartbroken,” but she was also relieved that she would meet a new friend.

The note asked if you would consider becoming my friend. I am 90 years old and living alone. I feel so alone and afraid. I beg for you, please.

Marleen visited Wanda on that day. She brought some cupcakes and spent some time with her elderly neighbor.
Marleen realized there were other lonely people like Wanda out there, so she decided to tell Frank Somerville of KTVU News about her new relationship. It was a wonderful experience. It might inspire others to reach out to and support their elderly neighbors.

What a beautiful woman!
She was overjoyed when we arrived.
Wanda said it was necessary for me to take action, so I hope you didn’t think I was stupid for writing to you.
Thanks for coming over.
I don’t know anyone among my neighbors, despite living here for 50 years.
Wanda’s three sons died of cancer last year.
The other two do not live nearby.

She is 90 years old, using oxygen, and has osteoporosis and congestive heart failure among other conditions.
We couldn’t make banana bread because of work, so we brought her cupcakes.
Furthermore, I told her she could contact us whenever she wanted and that I would return to see her.
Wanda and I will certainly have a blast together.


The story moved thousands of people. When Frank heard it, he said, “I love this story.” And I’m over the moon for Wanda. Wanda is not alone; there are many people who share her loneliness, as I noted in my opening essay. You might want to consider going to their door and introducing yourself. I know it would mean a lot to them. And who knows? You might meet someone new.

As Marleen did, we should all be supportive of one another.

Source: inforum.com

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