Most People Say It’s Impossible to Find the Hidden Letter ‘C’ in Less Than 7 Seconds

It’s difficult to imagine how people could use mental challenges as a way to relax when they face so many challenges in their lives. Any challenge would seem like more stress to deal with, but that’s not true. Mental exercises, such as puzzles and quizzes, are excellent forms of relaxation that allow you to take your mind off other problems by fully focusing on one relatively simple problem.

Finding hidden objects is one of my favorite puzzles. Sometimes they are embedded in pictures. Most of the toughest ones to crack are those in which you have to find the different characters among a sea of identical ones.

If you look hard enough, long enough, you will find it. The trick is to find it within a set amount of time; that’s what makes puzzles like the one below so exciting! See if your family and friends can find it faster if you time yourself.

To solve the puzzle below, you must find the letter “C” hidden within a sea of “o’s.” Now, keep in mind that it is one of those “one-shot” puzzles, meaning that once you see the “C,” you will always know where to find it.

Let’s try it. Try setting a timer and see how long it takes you to find the letter “C.”

What did you think? How long did it take you to find the letter “C”? Feel free to share your time in the comments, and please pass this challenge along to your friends and family.

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