A Young Couple Invites Their Old Pastor Over for Sunday Dinner

When you invite important people over who are not your friends or family, it can be a very big deal. In an attempt to impress the parents of the person they’re dating, people invite clients, bosses, and others over for dinner. 

Sometimes, this pressure can be too much to handle, leading to embarrassing situations. A young couple invited their aged pastor over to their home for a nice home-cooked Sunday dinner.

A young couple invited their aged pastor to dinner on Sunday. They were in the kitchen preparing the meal when the minister asked their son what they were having.

The little boy replied, “Goat.” “Goat?” replied the startled pastor.

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“Are you sure?””

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“Yes,” replied the boy. “On the way back from church, I heard Mom tell Dad, ‘Remember, we are having the old goat for dinner tonight. ‘”

Image Source: Pexels

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