I’m A Flight Attendant And We Always Lie When Passengers Ask This Question

According to a flight attendant, airline employees always lie to passengers when they ask a typical question.

In the original post, Reddit, a major social media platform, asked flight attendants about their hectic lives.

In addition, a commenter identifying themselves as a flight attendant provided some very intriguing insider information.

Flight attendants routinely ask passengers where they are flying to because flying is such an unfamiliar experience.

In spite of the brutal honesty of the airline employee, he acknowledged that most of the time workers lied to passengers when they inquired about their whereabouts.

In a metal cage at 40,000 feet with frequently hungry and exhausted passengers, flight attendants, who are always on call, have a difficult job.

The decision of staff members to tell white lies is entirely understandable, given that they lack the time to look out a tiny window hundreds of kilometers below whenever a question arises.

Even if they did, the airborne worker acknowledges that they are rarely able to provide an exact location.

According to a flight attendant, you should never use toilet paper onboard
Flying over a well-known site is the only time when crew members do not lie.

“Answering inquiries about what we are flying over…hint, we don’t known unless it’s evident like the grand canyon, so if we give you a legitimate answer we are probably making it up lol,” the comment said in full.

According to the attendant, lying was not necessary for other commonly requested inquiries such as connections, luggage, and passenger concerns.

Additionally, Redditors found the amusing remarks made by other flight attendants on the same topic amusing.

Responding to the initial query, one person joked: “When the cap says ‘prepare for landing,’ I dance.”

Source: nypost.com

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