7-year-old Girl Loses Her Shoe At The Start Of A Race: She Goes Back To Get It, She Doesn’t Give Up And Wins The Race (Video)

We can learn important lessons about maturity and tenacity from children. The tiny topic of this story is an excellent example. A young athlete was participating in a race with her friends when she suffered a minor setback early on. After overcoming this setback, she rejoined the race, quickly caught up to her rivals, and eventually won.

In this trial of fortitude and willpower, the internet was enthralled and once more made us adults aware of something: we must always consider the children’s behavior since, due to their innocence, they can become examples even for those who are older and wiser. I will, however, go into greater detail about what happened to this tiny fighter.

In a video her father posted on Instagram, a young athlete performs something amazing and moving. Lay Lay, age 7, suffered a setback in a 200-meter sprint that complicated her strategy for victory. She misplaced a shoe just before the marathon began. Upon returning, she found it, put it on, and then continued running like a little Cinderella. By the time she found her shoe, her competitors were well ahead of her.

Is she considered to have given up? If so, you are completely wrong. Lay Lay tried everything she could to get back into the race. In the video, you can clearly see her family’s words of support and pride at what their daughter accomplished.

Despite the hiccup and the delay in starting with her competitors, she was able to recover and, you won’t believe it, actually won the race. After starting last, she crossed the finish line first. She, her family, and the many viewers of the video were delighted with the result.

Many people praised Lay and said she had the blood of champions flowing through her veins. Terence Crawford, her father, cannot even be mentioned in passing. 

Boxing champion Terence undoubtedly instilled his success-seeking tendencies in his daughter.

Source: nypost.com

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