Old Lady Turning 100 Shares Her Secret To A Longer Life

Centenarians must be annoyed by the question “what’s your secret?” Now, I’m sure they get used to answering that question in many forms, but honestly. It’s not like anyone ever plans to live that long (except maybe Jack LaLanne, who died at age 96). Most people just live their lives, eat what they want, and somehow just happen to live that long. Honestly, there’s not much of a “secret” to how they do it, but of course, our brains can never accept that answer. A fictional old lady was asked such a question, and her response was brilliant!

Despite her age, she is in good health and walks regularly to the market, post office and bank without any problems.

Since she lives in a small town, this is a huge deal for the community.

The mayor visits her on her birthday and presents her with a badge honoring her as the oldest person in the town.

In addition, a local TV station is doing a report about her for the evening news.

The reporter asks her:

– What is your secret to living a long and healthy life?

– It’s simple, – she says – never have I in my entire life argued with another person.

– That is not possible! – the reporter says.

– You’re right. – says the old lady.

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