Indecent Department Store Clerk Gets His Just Desserts

After over 40 years, I finally realized how much women have to deal with every day. There are certain expectations we place on women that do not apply to men in our society. Men, for instance, can often jump right out of bed, get dressed, and head to work. However, if women did that, it would usually hurt their careers because they are expected to wear makeup and to have their hair done, among other things that men don’t need to worry about. Then there are the remarks they hear almost daily from guys who have no respect or decency. When she came across a lecherous store clerk one day, the young lady in this fictional joke had the perfect response.

The pretty girl walked up to the fabric counter of a department store and said,

“I would like to purchase this material for a new dress.”. Can you tell me the price?”””

The male clerk smirked and replied, “Only one kiss per yard.”.

“That’s fine,” the girl replied.

“I will take ten yards.”

As the clerk measured out the cloth, wrapped it up, and teasingly held it out, his face was etched with expectation.

Grabbing the package, the girl pointed to the old geezer standing beside her, and smiled,

It will be Grandpa who pays the bill.

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