A Cat, Golden Retriever, and Parakeet die and Go To Heaven and Have An Interview With God

We know as pet parents that each pet has its own unique personality and quirks. Not all animals behave the same way. Some dogs are happy, hyper, and pretty go-lucky creatures, while others are quite laid back. Parrots can be pretty talkative and loud, but some are actually quieter as well. And then there are cats, who love to take naps but have their own quirks such as whether or not they play with toys or whether they chat a lot or not. In this joke, a cat, a golden retriever, and a parakeet all die and go to heaven, where they are interviewed by the big man himself.

We have three house pets: a golden retriever, a parakeet, and a cat

Everyone dies and goes to heaven.

For all the good animals, God has a personal discussion with each one to determine where they will live in heaven.

God looks at the golden retriever and says

“The Book of Life indicates that you have been a good boy. How would you describe your ultimate principles in your own words? “What is it that you believe in?””””

Golden retriever says

“I believe in loyalty, friendship, and love. For many years, I have been a treasured member of my owner’s family.”

God smiles. You have a pure and loving heart. Sit at my right hand.”

Then he turns to the parakeet. “What do you believe in?”

“I believe in color, flamboyance, and music,” the parakeet declares.

Throughout the years, I have displayed my beautiful feathers and filled my owner’s home with music.”

God says, “Your beauty is truly magnificent.”

“And your song shall echo throughout the universe. You shall sit to my left.”

Finally, God turns to the house cat.

What do you believe in, majestic little predator?

The cat lazily surveys God’s throne and says,

“I believe you are sitting in my seat.”

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