Young Woman Offers A Coffee To A Homeless Man And Lets Him Sit At Her Table: He Writes Her A Touching Thank-you Note

We rarely witness acts of kindness, so when we do, we are continually in awe and startled. Fortunately, there are people who are capable of doing great deeds for others and who do so extremely impulsively. In the narrative we’re about to tell you, this is exactly what happened.

A young woman extends her hand to a homeless man who she encounters. The woman’s gesture was typical of many others she had made, but for the man it was anything but typical. In fact, the woman’s attention positively affected the rest of his life. Let’s look at what she did together:

Casey Fischer took a break from studying on a typical day and went to her usual coffee shop. She noticed a homeless man on the sidewalk asking for money to buy food as she approached: he was begging for money to buy food. Shortly after seeing this incident, Casey entered the coffee shop and saw the man approach the counter with the cash he had raised.

The homeless man had collected only about $1, which was not even enough to buy one cup of coffee. This is when our subject stepped in. She invited him to sit at her table, not only offering to buy him coffee and donuts. They talked for nearly an hour during which the man, who claimed to be named Chris, told her about his life.

Since his mother d.i.e.d and he was left without a father (who he had never known), he had gone through many difficult times. Despite everything, he always wanted to be the kind of person his mother wanted him to be, someone who would make her proud and happy. Due to his failure in his pursuit, he became depressed and pessimistic. However, when Casey arrived, everything changed for the desperate guy.

After the girl realized that she had to return to class, Chris asked her to hold off. He handed her a message he had written: “I was ready to give up, but you restored part of my faith.”. Thank you very much. The young woman was surprised to hear this. Casey shared a picture of the note and her experience on her Facebook page, pleased with how things turned out. Responses and comments from her followers came quickly, and the message was shared many times. Many people were moved and expressed their gratitude to the young woman for doing this kind thing for a helpless person.

Our voices are also added to the chorus of thanks and we hope this act of kindness will serve as a model for others who, like this young lady, may face similar circumstances and act in the same manner. Kind regards, Casey.


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