Woman buys second-hand furniture for $300: in one of the pieces of furniture she finds a secret compartment full of money

The couple moved a second-hand Amish-made bedroom set into their home after finding it for a bargain. As they put up the headboard, they discovered a secret chamber with envelopes that could change their lives forever.

Do you shop for used furniture on Facebook often? Some people find buying products over social media nerve-wracking because they don’t trust the seller.

Occasionally, people encounter legitimate dealers online and get the best discounts. A woman in today’s story also trusted the seller, but when she brought her purchase into her home, something unexpected happened.

After his parents’ deaths in 2020, an orphan decides to sell their furniture on Facebook Marketplace. In the beginning, he decided to sell their Amish-crafted bedroom set.

Attempting to capture the beauty of the bed set, he photographed it from every angle. Then, he uploaded the photos to Facebook and wrote a compelling description for the ad.

Almost immediately, he received a notification on his phone. Someone saw his Facebook ad and wanted to contact him.

Laural Jaecks of Oak Creek noticed the De Pere couple’s furnishings on Facebook and immediately messaged their son. She was most drawn to the set’s price. A high-quality Amish-made bed set was available for just a few hundred dollars.

There were more than one envelope in the chamber.
Jaecks and her husband planned to see the furniture in person at the man’s house. Upon arriving at the seller’s house, he showed her the bed set and explained each compartment. He was unaware that there was a hidden compartment containing a few envelopes.

After carefully analyzing the bed set, Jaecks was confident she wanted to buy it. To her surprise, the seller agreed to sell it for $325.

After making the final payment, Jaecks and her husband moved the used bed set into their home. She was eager to put it in her bedroom. She said:

“The Amish do excellent work.”

While transporting the bed set into their bedroom, Jaecks and her husband discovered another hidden compartment in the headboard. The merchant had not shown them this compartment previously.

Curious, they opened the box and found envelopes inside. There were more than one envelope in the chamber.

Jaecks and her husband opened the envelopes one by one without realizing they had won. Each package contained a $100 bill. Jaecks recalled:

The detective says, “We’ll be up to $11,000 in no time.”

In addition to the envelope, Jaecks found some papers in the secret chamber. They were bank documents bearing the names of the deceased couple. Jaecks realized she could not keep the money then.

The vendor was immediately contacted and informed of the money she discovered in the headboard’s hidden compartment. After learning how much money Jaecks had found, the seller said:

“Well, I’m surprised you called me to inform me of this.”

Jaecks said she felt lighter after returning the money to the couple’s youngster because the money wasn’t hers. She added:

“I have a clear conscience.”

The vendor gave Jaecks a portion of the money as a gift for her honesty. He had not expected her to return his money.

What would you do if you were Jaeck? Would you keep the $11,000 you found in the headboard’s hidden compartment?

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Source: bbcgossip.com 

Image source: news.amomama.com

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