9 Out Of 10 Viewers Couldn’t Answer This Question! But Can You?

Tricky Brain Teaser

The makers of this challenge simply want you to pay attention to the following math riddle’s wordings and then answer it perfectly. All right, but wait, there’s a twist! Only those with sharp minds and sharp eyes will see what’s going on!

Let’s begin the mind challenge! Best of luck!

The Correct Answer

We hope you have managed to settle down with the right answer by now! Let’s give you one more chance in case you didn’t. Please re-read and then select before taking a peek. Let’s be honest, we know you can handle this.

OK, the correct answer to this puzzle is that there are 63 people in total. Below is a detailed explanation.

According to the puzzle, 7 men have 7 wives, so all the men have one wife each. Therefore, 7+7 = 14. Each wife also has 7 children, so 7*7 = 49. If you add the two totals together, you’ll get 14 + 49 = 63. That wasn’t so bad after all.

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